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Image Acquisition, Reconstruction, and Presentation
  for 3-D Computed Tomography (CT)

 Cellular reconstructions with High Efficiency CT (HECT)™, in TEM

The projection data for the below cellular images were provided by the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB/NIH).
The original transmission electron microscopy (TEM) data (not shown) is that used in Trachtenberg, S., Dorward, L.M., Speransky, V.V., Jaffe, H.,
Andrews, S.B., Leapman, R.D.,
Structure of the Cytoskeleton of Spiroplasma melliferum BC3 and Its Interactions with the Cell Membrane,
J. Mol. Biol., 378, pp. 776-787, 2008. FBP reconstruction was provided by V. Speransky. HECT was performed by Cyber Technology, Inc.

All renditions (C) Wolfram R. Jarisch, 2008

HECT versus FBP CT for Transmission Electron Microscopy


Comparison of Filtered Back-Projection (FBP; Left) with HECT (Right). Reconstructions were from 166 views, double-tilt. Angular increment was 1.5 degrees. Rendition in IMOD2.

Note: the Filtered Back-Projection was computed from 2048 x 2048 pixel projections while HECT used only 1024 x 1024 pixel projections. Correspondingly,  the  display slice-thickness in the FBP was chosen as 2 voxels. The two methods use different correction methods to account for sample distortion. HECT used a polynomial regression on unseparated cellular and gold bead data.

Observe the lack of contrast dynamics in the FBP (intra-cellular vs. extra-cellular density) when compared to the HECT reconstruction.

Cell Image BackProjection vs. HE-CT

Horizontal cut through the above sample. Observe that the "upper" and "lower" image margins show zero density. This was not imposed by external constraints but is the result of accurate estimation via the HECT algorithm.

Note: an extra-margin of (+/-) 10% had been added to the estimated slice thickness prior to reconstruction to test the hypothesis that the image density at the margins will taper to zero. The image constrast has been reversed (low density is black) compared to the above rendition in order to better demonstrate zero density.

Vertical Cut

2 Kremer J.R., D.N. Mastronarde and J.R. McIntosh, Computer visualization of three-dimensional image data using IMOD, J. Struct. Biol. 116 (1996) 71-76.

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1 US Patent 8,660,228