Cyber Technology, Inc.

Image Acquisition, Reconstruction, and Presentation

All renditions (C) Wolfram R. Jarisch, 1994

Effect of Coronary Ligatioan or Selective Coronary Contrast Dye Injection.

Reconstructions are from 6 x-ray projective views at 30 degree increment.

Canine Preparation and Data Acquisition was performed at Dr. Richard Spears' Laboratory
at Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, in 1993. Image pre-processing, 3-D reconstruction, and
3-D rendition all by Cyber Technology, Inc., 1993-1994.

This work was supported in part by NIH grant 1R 43 HL 50187-01, June-November  1993

Canine Preparation with C-Arm X-Ray System, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI  (1993). Canines are placed on their right side. All views are anterior (oblique), with the red background representing the back, and left-to-right the cranio-caudal direction.

In the reconstructions below the visible structure represents the left  ventricle (the right ventricular blush is too faint to be visible). Left-to-right is the cranial-caudal direction, as seen from the cardiologist.

Canine Prep, C-Arm
Effect of 50% Ligation of LAD. Images are at Systole.

Upper Renditions w/o Ligation, left to right: complete myocardium, frontal cut-away, and upper cut-away during normal perfusion and with contrast dye supplied to the LAD and posterior coroanry arteries.

Lower Renditions with 50% Ligation of the LAD. Otherwise same as upper renditions.

Reconstruction is from 6 x-ray projective views at 30 degree increment. Observe increased blush-intensity in the area near the LAD artery (upper-left in each image) (1993-1994).
Effect of Selective Posterior Coronary Dye Injection.

Left column: control with dye injection into both coronary arteries. Renditions top to bottom:
complete myocardium, frontal cut-away, and upper cut-away.

Right column: selective dye injection into posterior coronary artery.
Renditions top to bottom: complete myocardium, frontal cut-way, and upper-cut-away at the level of the posterior coronary (1993-1994).
Selective Circumflex Injection

Compare with Control, that is w/o Ligation or Selective Coronary Injection

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