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Image Acquisition, Reconstruction, and Presentation
  for 3-D Computer Tomography (CT)

All renditions (C) Wolfram R. Jarisch, 1991 - 2008

3-D Mathematical Phantom Study

        3-D Model of the Coronary Tree

        Six 2-D Projections of the Coronary Tree

        3-D Reconstruction of the 3-D Model from Six 2-D Projections


High Resolution  (1000x1000) Image Acquisition of the Hydraulic Coronary Tree Model

        Pre-Injection 2-D X-Ray Images of the Hydraulic Model

        2-D X-Ray Images During Injection of X-Ray Contrast Dye

raw 0 deg

3D Reconstruction of the Hydraulic Coronary Tree Model from

        Six 2-D X-Ray Projections

        Perspective Views (Mono)

        Perspective Views (Stereo)

5 deg recon

Pre-Processing of Six 2-D Human Coronary X-Ray Images

        Raw 2-D X-Ray Images

        Vessels in 2-D X-Ray Images (Processed Images)

        Side-By-Side Comparison of Raw and Processed Images

90 deg proc

Canine Myocardial Blush. This work was supported in part by NIH grant 1R 43 HL 50187-01, June-November  1993

        Overview of Numerical Simulations of Perfusion

        Numerical Phantom (1993)

        Image Pre-Processing of Phantom Data (1994)

        3-D Reconstructions of Myocardial Phantom Data from Six Views, Algorithm Advances

        Reconstruction of Phantoms, "Endo-Epicardial" Blush Gradient and Local "Ischemia" (1994-1995)

        Reconstruction of Physical Model of Myocardium (Ventricle) with "Regions-at-Risk"

        Reconstruction of Canine Myocardial Blush (1994)

        Reconstruction of Canine Myocardial Blush Deficiencies (1994)

Detroit, Canine Prep

High Efficiency CT (HECT) , 1 for Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) (2008) - marginalize the missing wedge

        Simulations - Evaluation of High Efficiency CT (HECT)  -  and the use of diagnostic residuals

        Cellular Imaging - Cytoskeleton of Spiroplasma Melliferum

        Overview of the Image Estimation Problem (Late Breaking Poster: Microscopy & Microanalysis, August 2008)

        High Efficiency CT for Automated Alignment (Poster; Copyright: Proceedings Microscopy & Microanalysis, 15, Suppl. 2, 2009)

        Computational Approach of High Efficiency CT (Copyright: Microscopy & Microanalysis, Proceedings; 2010)


High Efficiency CT with Optimized Recursions (HECTOR) , 1 (2010)

        Computational Approach of HECT with Optimized Recursion (HECTOR) , 1.  LB Poster presented at Microscopy & Microanalysis 2010


Historical Studies from 1991 - 1993 versus 2005

        Test on semi-sphere, reconstruction

        Comparison with 2005 reconstructions of semi-spheres

        Test with bovine coronary cast, reconstruction

bovine 4-plane

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