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Image Acquisition, Reconstruction, and Presentation   for 3-D Computer Tomography (CT)  

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Applications of enhanced High Efficiency Computed Tomography

with Optimized Recursions (eHECTOR

Implementation and Evaluation of eHECTOR Prototype at National Institutes of Health

Nonlinear Iterative Reconstruction Time: Approaching Filtered Backprojection (FBP) or FFT Methods

1. Reduce projection count, exposure time, and radiation level many-fold

2. Increase quantitative accuracy while reducing computing time by
one to two orders of magnitude,

reaching speeds near linear methods

3. Can use a-priori information

eHECTOR is the Solution to Highest Numerical and Quantum Efficiency in Tomography   [1]

using Highly Contractive Mappings, related to Near-Orthogonal Updates
for X-Ray, TEM, CS MRI, and other imaging modalities


for the latest eHECTOR implementation at a Federal Laboratory please contact us re:
JCCT, Vol. 11, 2017: Convergence of Non-Linear Iterative CT Reconstruction

RSNA_2018 (PDF)
1 Patent Pending
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